Sending your child off to school for the first time? Here are 10 tips that will help prepare you and your little one!

1. Make conversation about school

The first step towards making your child comfortable with the idea of school is to talk about it. Ask them how they feel about this change and if they are worried about anything related to school life.

2. Reassure the child if anxious

Rather than dismissing your child’s ‘first day of school’ anxiety, reassure them that it is okay to feel nervous and that all kids might be feeling the same way.

3. Leave a lunchbox note

Drop in a short note when packing your kid’s lunch as it will remind them that you’re in their mind and heart even when they’re at school.

4. Keep a positive attitude

A child often picks on their parent’s emotions. So it is important for you to feel happy and confident about your child starting school. Your enthusiasm will get naturally transferred to your child.

5. Make them try the uniform

Trying a new uniform always brings out the excitement in a child. Allow them to practice getting dressed and undressed on their own as it will help when they are in a PE class.

6. Try meeting the teacher with the child

When the child is introduced to his/her new teacher in the parent’s presence, they feel safer and more confident to talk about themselves and share more openly.

7. Label the child’s belongings

Buy some iron-on labels printed with your child’s full name and put them on everything that goes to school with them.

8. Plan a play date

If you know a few children who are part of your kid’s class, you could organize a fun play date to help them connect before school begins.

9. Transport

Ensure that you have arranged for the safe transport of your child to and back from the school.

10. Set a routine

A few weeks before school begins, get your child to practice a daily routine with fixed timings for sleeping every night.

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