It’s just another item on the to-do list but getting labeling right can save you money, time and of course stress.

Have you made several mistakes labeling your little one’s hats, clothing, drink bottles and lunch boxes? Once I even placed sticky tape on a drink bottle and attempted to write my daughter’s name on it, to only find it kept falling off. Forget it – let’s battle this head on and after some serious research Kindermums have sourced practical ways to label your child’s school items and belongings.



I know it sounds a little old school, but iron-on labels really do work. They are machine washable, durable and long lasting. For the extra nerdy mums, you can even sew around the label for extra security and peace of mind (don’t worry no one will judge you).

If you are looking for a modern approach, there are stick on labels which may not be as durable or long lasting as iron labels but they get the job done and don’t require a hot iron. Bright Star Kids have a great range of iron-on and stick-on labels, which last for years.

Hats and shoes
The amount of hats I have either lost or misplaced always amazes me, and the massive pile of hats at daycare says it all. Apart from the stick on labels or even iron labels you can simply write within the rim of the hat to avoid the text from coming off – a sharpie pen would be perfect.


Believe it or not, you can actually purchase shoe labels that sit inside your child’s shoe. You can find ones that are waterproof and quite durable, which means the text will not smudge if little feet become sweaty. We all know shoes are expensive, so we need to do what we can to protect them.

Tiny Me offer a range of unique shoe labels.

Key rings and bag tags are usually a great way to personalise school bags. They are a great accessory, don’t tend to drop off and are easily identifiable. There is usually enough room behind a bag tag to place a name sticker on it also.

Lunch Boxes and Accessories

Source: Stuck on you

Forget the texters and markers for lunch boxes, we have a perfect solution for labeling lunch boxes with simple easy to use sticker labels. They are durable, dishwasher friendly, extra sticky, scratch resistant and don’t peel off. Plus, you can even get allergy stickers to sit alongside it. Stuck on you offers a wonderful range of personalised school sticker labels that are perfect for lunch boxes, drink bottles, pencil cases and any other accessory that requires a label.

Information- what to include?
When deciding on the best information to use for a label, we all tend to think the more information the better but we don’t really need the entire family history – less is more. The best information to use is first name, last name and mobile phone number if you can fit it in.

One last tip, try triple labeling more expensive items, so you reduce the chance of it being lost or stolen. Some people are happy to cut tags off and claim the items for themselves.



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