Early childhood education is your child’s first interaction with learning – and it can be daunting working out the best fit for your child. Here you will find plenty of articles about early childhood education to guide you in the right direction.

Kindermums 2018 Lunch Box Guide

It’s every mum’s mission to find the ultimate lunch box, especially for Kindergarten. There is so much to consider - the right lunch bag, containers, ice pack storage, colour, size and the list goes on. Here is the Kindermum basic lunch box check list: Will it fit...

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School labeling: where do I start???

It’s just another item on the to-do list but getting labeling right can save you money, time and of course stress. Have you made several mistakes labeling your little one's hats, clothing, drink bottles and lunch boxes? Once I even placed sticky tape on a drink bottle...

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Preschool Art: Process over Product

Preschoolers are learning when they do art. The work they do in creating their art is the process and the final result is their product. While we love the work that they do, sometimes we get caught up in the product of the art as opposed to the process, which can be...

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Create a smooth kindy transition

Preparing your child for school—especially your eldest child—can feel a little daunting. Relax. From one parent to another, I can tell you that your first-year kinder doesn’t need to know their times tables or Newton’s Laws. But the understanding of and ability to use...

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