Parents might assume that kids’ parties aren’t a complicated affair. After all, you just need a bunch of balloons, games, presents, and a cake, right? Wrong!

Kids’ birthday parties actually involve a lot of planning and decision making. Some of the common questions related to birthday party etiquette may include- how much to spend on return presents, who to invite, appropriate games for kindergarten children, whether to accept expensive gifts or not and so on.

Keep the count limited

Your child might be keen on inviting his/her entire class and neighborhood friends, but you need to draw a boundary and figure out a practical and affordable count. Remember, a manageable number of people will make the party more fun for the host as well as the guests. You will have time to interact with all the parents and children and this is a very important part of hosting etiquette. Typically, for a five or six-year-old child, a party of six to seven children is sufficient.

Drafting the invite

Your child’s birthday party invite should include clear details about the ‘type/theme of party’, ‘date’, ‘time’ and ‘venue’. It is a good idea to also provide the ‘end time’ of the party. This will help avoid confusion among parents who need to pick their kids up after the celebration.

A few competitive games are acceptable

Even though competition is highly criticized in today’s world, a few competitive games can find a safe place in your kid’s party. Keep the prizes small in order to avoid promoting feelings of jealousy among the kids. Tiny candy packets or stickers are perfect options.

Supervision responsibility

Even though the hosting parents need to take charge of the supervision, they may request the parent of an invited kid to lend a helping hand, especially if the party is slightly bigger. However, make sure you ask for help in advance.

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