Kylie from Well Organised Life shares her tips on getting the household organised for school by creating a School Bag Drop Zone or Command Centre. It is simply creating a clear destination for essential items so you can find them easily and can be as simple or extensive as you like.

When things have a clear destination it makes returning them to their homes, then finding them when it’s time to go – just that much easier. This is especially helpful for children who are new to the world of having to be somewhere on time and becoming involved in managing their own essential school/kindy items.

The key to setting up a school bag zone or command centre starts with working out what you want the area to be for your family. Is it just school bags with maybe shoes and a weekly plan, or a full command centre with school bags, uniforms, shoes & hats, school paperwork, planners, calendars and keys?

Once you work out what you want and assess how much space you’ll need, next is working out best positioning. Ideally near the popular exit in a design and height that’s easily accessed by your children. Then finding the right furniture & accessories to suit your needs.

Here are some elements to consider for your zone/command centre:

  • A picture rail, shelf or wall hooks for a Monthly Calendar, as well as Weekly Planners for each child.
  • Colour coded pens for each childs’ activities on the calendar.
  • Whichever storage unit or table you prefer, some suggestions include:
  • An open wide style table with some baskets/boxes for smaller items and room for bags to sit on the shelves.
  • An open narrow hall-style table with other items in the baskets and a hook either side of the table for bags/hats.
  • A cupboard with doors that can fit the bags inside (tip: make sure they are quite deep if having doors, so they close properly)
  • A cupboard or shelf to store other items in baskets & a hook either side of table for bags or uniforms/hats.
  • Baskets or boxes to store other items: shoes, hats, sports bags,
  • Space on the table or in cupboards/baskets for homework folders or library bags.
  • A pin board or wire clip frame for school notes, invitations or bills.
  • Space for your items e.g. a small tray for keys, space for your planner or charging cords for phones.

The space ideally should evolve with your family over time. Tweaking it throughout the year to ensure it’s working effectively and making changes to things that aren’t, until it becomes smooth second nature for everyone.

Written by Kylie from Well Organised Life.

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