As parents, we want the best for our children. Giving our preschoolers a head start in learning is a top priority. But for many of us, the thought of teaching our little ones is intimidating without actually being a teacher and without the resources we think we need. But the truth is, working on the essentials with your child is easier than you think!

By utilising these five simple household items, you’re on the right track to make learning work for you.

Measuring cups

Make cooking interactive by letting your child measure out the ingredients to a recipe. This gives practice in basic math skills with counting and learning about quantity. If you aren’t actually cooking, you can also use water or dried rice for measuring.


Not just for cooking, flour can be a great medium for learning! Spread some flour on a baking sheet or table. Have your child practice writing letters and/or their names with their fingers.

Old Newspaper/Magazine Articles

Composed of various words, articles are a great introduction to the alphabet and writing for beginners. Ask your child to identify specific letters or words by pointing or circling with a marker. For fine motor skill building, use scissors to cut the letters and words out.

Dried Macaroni/Pasta

This is a great tool for math. Use each macaroni piece for counting out numbers and basic addition or subtraction problems. This can also double as a lesson in literacy with using the macaroni for creating letters and words.


We often take for granted the learning that can be done with books. A classic tool for learning, reading together is a great way to bond and build strong relationships. It is also perfect for building vocabulary and communication skills; all of which contribute to literacy and reading comprehension.


While it’s a very important job, teaching your child does not have to be a daunting task. These five simple household items are readily available for you and your child to use for learning.

Written by: Ashley Jefferson, the early childhood enthusiast and play advocate

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